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The hottest tennis players ever

The hottest tennis players ever

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Wimbledon is here ladies. This means hot athletes, looking spunky in their white gears. I have always found tennis players to be the most handsome sports men out there. They always look so well put together and their bodies are just toned enough. Majority of them are really clever and come from good backgrounds too, so not just a pretty face but well mannered as well. Since the biggest tennis event starts today, lets have a look at the hottest tennis stars of all time.

1. Marat Safin

Bad boy of tennis and Russian born hottie, Safin is basically perfection both on court and off court. He was number 1 in 2000, a very skilled and complete player who is known for his temper on court,  mentioning that he broke around 1500 rackets during his tennis career. The sexy tennis player retired in 2009, and he is now a politician in Russia. To be honest, he can be anything he wants for a job, with that body and that face, I could just watch him all day, everyday.


2. Fernando Verdasco

Of course he's from Spain. Does that country have any unattractive human beings? No I don't think so!!  This 30 year old spunk is a pleasure to watch on court, however he rarely makes it very far.  He is known as shy play. but regardless of that, Fernando is still a sultry Spaniard whom I am always happy to watch play.



3. Thomas Berdych

Born in The Czech Republic, this 28 year hunk had to be on our list! Those piercing blue eyes and his hard rock abs make Berdych smoking hot. I have to admit he is not a player I often enjoy to watch, simply because of his style of play and his arrogance on court. But to look at, I am happy to do so.



4. Jo Wilfried Tsonga

Tsonga is considered the funny guy of tennis, the cuddly teddy bear everyone wants to hang with. At 29, this French hottie is known for being the most entertaining player yet,  constantly interacting with the crowd during his matches.  He is funny, sweet, a world renowned athlete and he speaks French. What more do we want?! I consider him one of the most attractive men on the planet.



5. Rafael Nadal

Ahhh Rafa, Rafa, Rafa. He is the sweet one on court, the Spaniard, the number 1 and one of the most hard working players. Nadal is known as the King of Clay at Roland Garros, winning 14 Grand Slams in total. He is appreciated by many for being so humble and down to earth. Nadal still lives in a big house with his family member, including extended family. Awww hottie, tennis superstar and family man!



6. Novak Djokovic

There is something so appealing about The Djoke. The 27 year old Belgrade native is one of the best tennis players in the world. Djokovic began improving his game about 3 years ago, now constantly battling with Nadal for the number 1 spot. Djkovic is extremely fit and perhaps one of the fastest players on court. He is engaged to the Serbian beauty Jelena Ristic. They are expecting a baby together.



7. Roger Federer

 Okay, Roger may not be amazingly handsome, however his talent and personality, make him one of the sexiest tennis players out there. At 32 years old, Roger is known as the King of Tennis, still ranking in the top 4 players in the world . He has a natural ability to play the game, he is humble and nice to everyone and for this he is appreciated and spoken highly of by all the other players. Fede is married to former tennis player Mirka Federer. They have twins and have recently announced they have another set of twins on the way.



8. Andy Roddick

Andy is famous for his fast approach on court, and very strange, but quickest serving technique. He is an overall good player and a former number 1 in the ATP rankings. His good looks have helped Roddick get attention from the media and other celebrity females, such as Mandy Moore and his current love interest, wife Brooklyn Decker.



9. Juan Del Potro

Following in Safin's footsteps, Del Potro is the bad boy of the ATP tournaments. Like Safin, the Argentinian stud has been known in the past to get into arguments with other players, the referees and even the crowd. Since then, we have learned that the 25 year old has got his act together and now acts very cordially.



10. Lleyton Hewitt

There is something so attractive about Australian men. Hewitt is known for his rage outbursts on the court, rarely addresses at anybody else but himself. He has been married for years with the Aussie bombshell Bec Cartwright, however we can still admire this tanned and beautiful man.



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