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The men of our generation

The men of our generation

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In a day and age when as women, we finally have the freedom to choose who we want to date, are we really making the best choices? Who is the ideal man for most women? How has he changed over the years? Once upon a time the ideal man was tall, dark and handsome with a suit on looking sleek and classy; later on he was replaced by rocker dudes with long hair, a rebellious attitude and wearing leathers, followed by a hipster/grunge Kurt Cobain lookalike; now, the ideal man might be returning to the well groomed, toned body masculine male. Who is the man of our generation today? Lets assess the hottest men over the years and see how things have changed…


The 1940’s were devoted to style and class. Perfect gentleman haircuts, looked after skin and a clean shaven face was the overall trendy look.


Gregory Peck was one of the most blessed men alive (and the world was blessed to have him). Why? Well it’s simple. This Californian hunk was not only amazingly good looking; he was also a talented actor and an Oscar winner for his performance in the legendary film, To Kill a Mocking Bird. As if this is not convincing enough, Peck was also on the list for the International Best Dressed hall of fame. Good looking, talented and a man who knows how to dress? The 40’s sure had it lucky!


Another heart throb landing in the 40’s was Cary Grant. Born in Bristol, this English hottie had the ladies all over him, day dreaming whilst he was wooing them with his posh, English accent. Cary Grant had the style, talent and personality (not to mention the look) to be an international sex King. He was named one of the classiest men in the world, and we can definitely not argue with that.

Other 1940's hotties:

(Fred Astaire, Humphrey Bogart and Errol Flynn)


The 50's brought to the world a whole new style and with that came the rebellious man. From the James Dean haircuts to the Elvis colorful style, handmade shirts and provocative dance moves, the 50's man was powerful and confident.


The 1950’s had a special man influence the decade, a  rebel without a cause, the one and only James Dean. With his bad boy image, and his sexy, saultry eyes, Dean was considered one of the sex symbols of that time and to this day still is. Both men and women idolised his look which they found confidently effortless and full of attitude.  Although Dean died very young, he still remains an idol to many people out there, and the Dream Man for some women.


Let’s not forget the King; the hip and cool Elvis Priestley; Men wanted to be like him, women wanted to be with him. The 50’s were all about suede shoes and pompadours hairstyle. Elvis was completely unique in the way he dressed, not following any trends, but really just making his own. Did he care what people thought of him? Not at all, and I think this is why people loved him so much. His famous sexy and provocative dance moves and that oh so masculine deep voice made women lose it, some in fact fainting whilst seeing him. Elvis leaves behind great music and a face we will never be able to forget.

Other hotties of the 50's:


(Tony Curtis and Marshall Thompson)


James Bond movies, pea coats and silk scarves were the things which represented men style of this time.  Hair became longer, the trouser became much tighter and the Beatles wave arrived.


The 60’s were famous for many things, but one which remains a huge deal even now, a movie that changed our lives; of course I am speaking about James Bond movies. And with this comes a man whose sexy accent and oh so manly voice makes us want to listen to him all day. Sean Connery is a man of class, an Oscar winner, as well as Golden Globe and Bafta winner; a Sir, a well dressed, well mannered man who forever kept his composure and acted noble. That’s what we call perfection!


Marlon Brando

Ahhh, the man with many wives and even more girlfriends. Time magazine named Brando one of the top 100 most important people of the Century, and we sure do agree. This heart-breaker had many failed marriages, 16 (or more) children, as well as short lived affairs with equally attractive icons, such as Marilyn Monroe and Movita Castaneda. A very daring character, Brando was gutsy and rebellious, and in some ways a good soul for rejecting his Oscar due to racist issues around the world. Why the world loved him? He was talented, really well put together and extremely charming on camera.

Other 1960's leading men:


(The Beatles and The Animals)

1960's & 1970’s

In the late 60's/ early days of the 70's we had the "King of cool" and one of the highest paid actors in the world Steve McQueen and as well as Paul Newman. Both had a great reputation, looked well put together and were extremely liked by the public.

We later experienced the rock look phenomenon, and bands like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, who brought over a much rougher look, the leathers and loud music, getting wasted and being rebellious. The short, slick gelled hair took a back turn for the long rocker dude haircuts. The well dressed metrosexual man, was now replaced by a rocker, hipster like guy. Icons like Mick Jagger and Jimmi Hendrix were also out, partying on the streets, and breaking hearts.The Rolling Stones phenomenon was born, which meant the sex, drugs and rock n roll look.

(The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and Mick Jagger)


The 1980's was the time of the King of Pop, the hipster, pushed up sleeves and open jackets, loafer shoes and MC Hammer. Although not the best time (in my opinion) for man's style and beauty, the 80's did let men express themselves through their look.

The 80's had Mickey Rourke, the sexy actor with the body of steel. A former boxer turned actor, Rourke was liked by the ladies for his bad boy attitude and toned physique. Other wanted males were Harrison Ford, who was the original Indiana Jones kid. The 80's world also had Boy George with his eccentric look and crazy make up.


This was the time of the pretty boys and hipsters. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp dominated the sex symbol charts during this period. Ah and Leo DiCaprio, oh Leo, he is just perfect!  Johnny Depp represents the rugged, just got out of bed type look, the bad boy every woman wants to change.


When you think of the 2000's, there will always be some names which will stick out. Unfortunately no longer a bachelor, George Clooney is that celebrity man who has been named the sexiest man alive by probably every magazine in the world. The masculine, well dressed, nicely built man dominates in this generation, by being considered perhaps the ideal man for most women. Sporty looks like football players and basketball players are also very much wanted by women of today, perhaps due to their wealth, but also because of their athletic, toned bodies.

There we are. The hottest men throughout the years. As they say, history does repeat itself, and from what we can see, the well groomed, nicely built man is still the winner. What do you think? What does your ideal man look like?

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