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The Top Ten Reasons We Hate Bridesmaid Dresses

The Top Ten Reasons We Hate Bridesmaid Dresses

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

Of course the bride must always look the best in the room, but sometimes it seems like they're going out of their way to make the other ladies look like a catastrophe. I mean, nobody wants a Pippa Middleton moment, but there is no need to dress them up like a gypsy wedding. Below are the top things we hate about bridesmaid dresses.

1) A one-day dress should never cost that much, unless it's YOUR wedding day

The prices most shops will charge for matching bridesmaid dresses is extortionate. You've either got to fork out half a fortune on your friends wedding, or even worse, the bride is expected to pay for the entire collection.

2) No straps for the bride, the exact same for you

The bride will be wearing a very expensive dress, which is designed to stay up. If the bride is going strapless, that normally is matched with her bridesmaids. Unfortauntely, you won't have the same boning and structure as the bridal dress, therefore you will be strongly reliant on sticky silicon ribbons, or quite simply the boobs to hold everything up and in place.

3) You better hope the bride has good taste

At the end of the day, what you will be wearing is all down to what the main girl likes and what works with the wedding theme and colour coding. This often leads to some weird colours being pushed forward, such as purple or orange. Great if you can pull them off, but there will be a few people left looking disgruntled at their dress for the evening.

4) Feeling Down In That Dress

A wedding is a great place to meet someone (providing it isn't a family wedding), therefore if you're having a warbrode malfunction or your clothing makes you look like a diseased cabbage, your confidence will drop through the floorboards. 

5) You all look the same

Part of the excitement towards a big event is around what you're going to wear. That will quickly disappear when you are all standing in a line wearing the exact same thing. Then the thought comes across..."who looks the best", it's difficult not to compare each other when all in the same cloth, as it will inevitably look better on some than others.

6) No Returnsies

Lets be fair, the entire lot have been bought from the same shop, so they can match each other. This means you would have to pull off a miracle to keep the tag kept in and then get the dress refunded after the wedding. Besides, it might be hard walking around with a price tag still connected.

7) The summer = sweat

90% of weddings in the UK occur between March and October, known as the wedding season, as everyone wants it to be sunny outside. As the skirt or dress will normally come all the way down to your feet and the clothing will often be quite thick, you can find yourself sweating out. Not the greatest build-up for the big day, but prepare for it to get worse when you hit the dancefloor (maybe take a back-up dress for the after party).

8) The dress designers haven't evolved with the times

How is it that these dresses are so stuck in the past. Of course, it can add to the magical feel if everyone is in traditional clothing, like a scene out of Downton Abbey. But it would be nice if these dress designers sometimes embraced the ever evolving fashion industry; In fact the entire concept of a matching bridesmaid dress is a bit outdated, but that's a whole other bag of worms.

9) Some alterations are inevitable

The dresses have been bulk bought off the shelf, without fitting (unless you have a generous bride). You will therefore have multiple members trying to get it shortened, hemmed or altered in some way to help it fit better. This just adds to the overall cost.

10) Don't forget the accessories

It doesn't end with the dress. Bring on the shoes, necklace, clutch, earings and any other piece of jewellery you might require. This doesn't even cover off the amount you will be spending on your hair and make-up (unless the bride has booked one beforehand). 


Well, we hope you haven't been put off too much, we wrote this with a smile on our face, but make sure to come along with the bride when she goes hunting for the bridesmaid dresses, it will definitely be in your best interests!

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