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The truth about hens on their hen weekends

The truth about hens on their hen weekends

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Over the coming weeks we’re going to be laying bare the British institution that is the hen weekend. In a series of posts we’ll be looking at the hen do in detail, taking some independent research and combining it with our own data to make an infographic that shows what hens up and down the country do and think about hen weekends. Let’s the fun commence!

This week we reveal just how many hens lie to their other halves about the things they do and get up to while on their hen weekends. As it turns out just 43% of hens have lied to a partner about their hen weekend mischief  I say just 43% because when you compare this to the gargantuan 74% of stags who have lied to their partners about what they've done on a stag do it does make then hens look almost angelic!

This also means that 57% of hens have been more than happy to tell their fellas what they’ve been up, meaning that over half of you are in truthful relationships! Either that or you knew it would rile your partner up the wrong way knowing that you were served by butlers in the buff all evening!

Let’s look at the 43% who lie, what are they hiding from their significant others? The most lied about activity is male strip clubs, with 47% of hens hiding this particular event from their men. That is very close to the stag’s survey, which revealed that stags will lie about going to a strip club more than anything else. So, it would appear that neither hens nor stags are willing to let their partners know that they’ve been ogling the naked form of the opposite sex.

While stags are more likely to lie to their partners about what they get up to, it seems that stags and hens are incredibly similar when it comes to hiding exactly what their weekend has entailed. We’ll be releasing more facts and information over the coming weeks so make sure you check back on the Hen Heaven blog and also on the Stag Company blog to see hen weekends laid bare and the naked truth about stag weekends.

Click the image below to view the full size section of our new infographic.


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