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Top 5 ideas for a fit and fabulous weekend away with the girls

Top 5 ideas for a fit and fabulous weekend away with the girls

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It’s never been so fashionable to exercise. So if you’re one of those women who (like me) go gooey over the newest Nike Roshe runners or love nothing more than discovering a new protein powder to add to your after work out smoothie, then this is the article for you! Because fitness getaways are set to be all the rage this year. Don’t believe me? Well fitness magazines are now overtaking fashion magazines as the fastest growing form of published editorial – surely that says enough? So if you’re looking  for some hen party activities that'll see you getting fit and having fun with the girls then allow me to share with you some of the hottest fitness focused activities to get stuck into!

Zombie Boot camp

It seems like the whole world has gone zombie crazy and here at Hen Heaven we’re no different! I for one wave the zombie genre loving flag in the office, so when I heard of this fantastic zombie bootcamp activity I just had to share it. During the day you’ll be put through your paces by ex-army instructors who will teach you how best to run, shoot and generally avoid zombies.  In my opinion the perfect way to spend an energetic weekend away with the girls (and learn skills that will no doubt come in useful for the zombie apocalypse!)

Pole Dancing

First up, an all-time favourite and fun fitness staple – pole dancing. It’s a great activity that improves muscle tone, works your core and encourages flexibility. Because contrary to popular belief women really don’t do this for men (that’s just a pleasant side effect) no – we do it to get fit and have fun with other women.  Plus anything that makes you feel sexy and confident is never a bad thing! Click here to book a pole dancing lesson.

Colour Run

Dubbed the ‘happiest 5K in the world’ this cheerful run is a great thing to do as a team. Inspired by the Hindu festival of ‘Holi’ this race will see you and your friends donning white shirts and walking, jogging or running 5K. The USP? You have to run through 5 different colour stations where volunteers will then throw harmless coloured powder at you. The result? You’ll finish the race a happy, colourful hot mess with memories to last long after the weekend is over. I should know: I did it last year (see above photo - yes that's me without make-up.) So I can personally recommend it!  Click here to register for a race.

Aerial Silks

If you’ve ever seen a Cirque du soleil show then you’ll have probably seen an aerial silk performance, it involves people wrapping themselves up in two silk sheets suspended from the ceiling, twisting it around themselves and swinging about. Well if you’ve ever fancied learning how they do it then this is it! Because not only will it improve your flexibility but it’ll do a killer job at strengthening your core.  Expect a fair few of your friends falling off or getting horrifically tangled (it‘s all part of the laughter inducing experience) but once you’ve gotten the hang of it we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked on what the magazines are calling “circus fitness”.  Go here for more detail about aerial silk classes.

Tough Mudder

Probably one of the most extreme things you could do for a weekend away with the girls (and something I’ve always wanted to do.) The Tough Mudder challenge is considered to be one of the most extreme obstacles races in the world and (aside from the zombie apocalypse or a natural disaster) nothing is going to bring you closer to your girlfriends than this beast of a challenge! I recommend training for it because it looks tough but also, a heck of a lot of fun. You’ll be running through smoke, a little bit of fire, crawling through tunnels, climbing walls and swimming across icy waters… Yeah, a spa trip it is not... Definitely one for all the tough lasses out there! (We know you’re out there!)