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Top love stories on the big screen

Top love stories on the big screen

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I am such a sucker for romantic movies. In fact, I think I have watched The Notebook at least 10 times and every time I watch it, I end up crying. There is no denying that love stories inspire us to have our own and if we already have it, to work harder at it. I know most romantic movies are cheesy and pretty unrealistic, but at the end of the day, we all love a good on screen smooch. It was so tough for me to pick the all time best movie romances , but here are my top favorites.

1. The Notebook

Ally and Noah's love is indescribable. For me, this kiss, represents all emotions that are felt when in love with somebody. And the rain, is just that extra effect to add to the drama which as women we so love.


2. Love and Basketball

Monica and Quincy are the epitome of the struggles faced in a relationship when both partners are successful and powerful. One has to give in.


3. Sex and the city

There is something so appealing about Carrie's relationship with Mr Big. Maybe it's that constant chase we have with the bad boy we want to change into a good man.

4. Spiderman

A fantasy like romance.

5. Pretty woman

The perfect fairytale between. Vivian, the girl who gets the good, sensitive, full of love millionaire  whilst Edward finds his passion for life from Vivian's desire to live a better life no matter what the struggles may be.

6. Titanic

Ahhh Rose and Jack...need I say more.


7. The Holiday

The sensitive Graham falls for the gorgeous Hollywood movie producer. Beautiful!

8. Breakfast at Tiffany's

The sweetest romance.

9. A walk to remember

Good girl, bad boy.....One of the best love stories.

10. Cruel Intentions

Sebastian, the disturbed rich boy, and Annette, the innocent virgin. Their kiss is a beautiful story of how two opposite souls somehow connect in the best possible ways.

11. Wild Things

Sensual, naughty and daring.

12. Dear John

Anything with Channing Tatum makes my heart beat faster.

13. Casablanca

A classic we will never forget.

14. PS I love you

Real love in the most unfortunate circumstances.



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