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Tszuj up the ‘quiet’ night of your hen weekend

Tszuj up the ‘quiet’ night of your hen weekend

Categories: Hen Party Advice

If you’ve booked a hen weekend then you’ll probably have one evening where you don’t have anything planned in the way of dining or late night entertainment. So what should you do with this ‘quiet night in’ then?

Staying in doesn’t mean that you’re being boring, or not taking advantage of your weekend to the full. No, in fact it can be quite the opposite. You don’t need to go out to have a great night, it’s all about the company you keep, and on your hen weekend you’ll have your best girls with you. Here are a few popular hen party ideas:


Girls gotta eat, and so a takeaway should be high up on the list of the evening’s priorities. If your hen group is big then you’ll be able to order from two or three different takeaways to ensure that everyone can order their favourite. Whether you like Chinese, Indian, Thai, Pizza, Burger & Chips, Kebabs or Fish & Chips you’ll be able to find something you like and from somewhere that will deliver almost all the way to your door. I say almost because you may have to go meet the delivery driver in the hotel lobby.

Being able to order takeaways online makes ordering food for large numbers much easier, as you no longer have to reel off an endless list to the person who had the misfortune to answer a call from a group of 20 wishing to order! Order online and you’ll find that keeping tabs on who has ordered what is much easier.


So you’re getting some food in, which means you now need something to do to accompany your takeaway, and what goes hand in hand with a takeaway? A movie! This may be dependent on your hotel room and if it offers a DVD player or not. Some hotel TVs may have them built in, or better still they may offer pay-per-view films through their TV system. There is nothing better than laughing uncontrollably at a film with your friends with a slice of pizza within arm’s reach.

You can always bring movies with you for the weekend, especially if you have a film in mind already. It is also worth asking ahead about the availability of a DVD player, if there isn’t one for you to use at the hotel then someone just needs to bring their laptop, then you’re set. You may even get lucky and have a TV in the hotel room that allows you to connect or even wirelessly stream your film from the computer to the TV. Job done.

Fun and games

Ok, so the food and pizza won’t take up your entire evening, so you’ll probably want to arrange a bit of fun for everyone to partake in. Let’s just make it clear that spin the bottle is out of the question, so what else to do? This is where it pays to plan ahead by bringing some games with you. One that is probably already popping into your minds is Twister, and why not? It is the ultimate drunken adult party game, and one that guaranteed to produce endless laughs for everyone.

These ideas should get you thinking about what your hen night in will entail, and I’m sure that your imagination will run wild with ideas and suggestions about how you can tszuj up your ‘quiet’ hen weekend evening!


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