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Two weeks to Fifty Shades… But do the co-stars have ANY chemistry?

Two weeks to Fifty Shades… But do the co-stars have ANY chemistry?

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If you are an owner of eyes or ears, you will know that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation is two weeks away from being released in time for an influx of Valentine’s Day cinema goers… and whether you care or don’t, you know you will probably end up seeing it at some point or at the very least: sit, listen and feign interest while one of your friends or colleagues gives their thoughts on how good (or bad) it was.

Yadda yadda yadda, that we know… but what we or anyone and everyone out there speculating doesn’t, is whether the two co-stars of the film (Jamie ‘that man knows how to wear a beard’ Dornan and Dakota ‘oh yeah, it’s her from The Social Network’ Johnson) actually like and get along with each other, or can’t really stand the sight of each other and are counting down the days until the Fifty Shades press-train comes to a close and they can get out of one another’s hair and enjoy some time apart before being forced back together again for filming of the inevitable second adaptation?

Why are people (and now me) hypothesising over this complete lack of must-have chemistry? Well obviously with a film release as big as an erotic juggernaut as Fifty Shades of Grey, there is going to be more press to do than you can shake a riding crop at – and much of the time it doesn’t even seem like Dakota and Jamie are trying to hide the fact they are like two schoolkids being forced to sit next to one another while each assumes the other has a serious case of THE LURGY. Just take their appearance at the Golden Globes (pictured below) that saw them presenting while stood hands behind their backs and apart like awkward British royalty. These are the co-stars of Fifty Shades of Grey – the only time their hands should be behind their backs is when they are linked together with hand cuffs…

Fifty Shades Co-Stars

Throw in awkward interviews like this one and a whole host of snapshots of them looking like they would rather be anywhere else than in each other’s company, and you’ve got a situation that is worrying fans of the book preparing to see it up on the big screen. Why should we worry? Well because of it being Fifty Shades of Grey and having it’s very obvious subject matter, on screen chemistry is absolutely essential – especially when they’re probably going to need to keep it up for another two films. Acting is their job and you should hope that Jamie and Dakota would be able to act out the heated, explosive chemistry of Christian and Anastasia, but unlike two office co-workers who can smile and keep civil in a meeting while making each other’s skin crawl under the shirts and ties, these actors have been tasked with doing A WHOLE LOT more than that.

What do you think? Is everyone reading too much into this and are they simply two people bored of doing interview after interview about the same thing (but then, how do other leading co-stars do it so convincingly?) or is something really amiss? Either way, you can make sure that the two co-stars of a new story have a whole lot of chemistry and no awkwardness, as we want YOU to help us write a story to celebrate the film’s release and at the same time – create a story written by the most amount of people ever… EVER. Interested? It’ll take a minute and you don’t have to be a serious writer. Click here to find out more and get involved before the 12th to have your name be a part of it forever! Let's create something special...


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