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What to pack in your wedding survival kit

What to pack in your wedding survival kit

It’s your wedding day and it’s bound to be one of the best days of your life, so we wish you well and hope that everything runs as smoothly as possible. But it’s always a good idea to be prepared, so it’s time to think about what items you’ll need to pack in your wedding survival kit – you never know what you’ll need on the big day in case something pops up, so it’s always better to be prepared right? Whether it’s make-up, plasters or mints to freshen your breath after dinner, we’ve got a whole load of handy ideas that are ideal for your wedding survival kit, so have a read and get inspired!


Obviously you’re going to need some make-up to top up your look throughout the day, but if you don’t want the hassle of taking full sized items with you, then why not purchase some mini’s for the big day? Still boasting the quality of the full-size items but just in a smaller size, we definitely recommend these. For those items that don't exist in mini form, well, you'll have to buy the full sized items!

Benefit Boi-ing eye bright kit mini

We love this dreamy little eye brightening kit by Benefit – comprised of a brilliant industrial strength under eye concealer to banish any dark circles and shadows. The eye brightener is also fab for a little pick-me-up and instantly gives your eyes a beautiful finish.

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara Mini

The classic Benefit Bad Gal Mini Mascara is one that you can’t miss out on for your wedding survival kit. Providing bold and black lashes with super volume, this is a great little top-up item to bring along with you on the big day!

MAC All Fired Up Retro Matt Lipstick

Unfortunately, this item doesn’t come in mini form, so you’ll just have to settle for purchasing the standard full size item (oh no!). This beautiful shade is a vibrant red that will be sure to capture the attention of everyone and will really stand out from a white wedding dress – this one’s also great if you’re thinking of doing a vintage look, so packing a lipstick with you is crucial to maintain that gorgeous pout throughout the day. Whatever lipstick brand or colour you go for; just ensure you’ve bought one along with you on the day to top-up!


An SPF is definitely required if you’ll be having a summer wedding and it’s likely that you’ll be outside enjoying the sunshine. Although most foundations contain SPF’s these days, it’s always sensible to bring some sun cream with you for those exposed areas such as arms and your chest, especially if you’re very fair skinned and prone to burning easily. No one wants the gift of sun burn for their wedding.

Allergy Tablets

If you suffer from hayfever and really irritating skin conditions such as prickly heat rash, then you’ll definitely be wanting to bring some allergy tablets with you on the big day. If you’re already taking these, it can all be too easy to forget to take one on the day of the wedding so do ensure that you pack some in your survival kit just in case!

Nail File 

Uh-oh! Is that a hang nail?! No problem, because you’re totally prepared in the event of this situation occurring. A nail-file is ideal for getting rid of those pesky nail nightmare – use a few forward strokes on each side of the nail to get them feeling smooth again.

Kirby Grips

Kirby grips will always be useful on the wedding day to fix any stray hairs and keep them firmly in place! So make sure you don’t forget to add some to your kit to make sure that your hair is looking tip-top throughout the day!

Dental Floss

So you’ve got food stuck in your teeth? No problem – a quick session with a simple piece of dental floss will do the job and get rid of those lodged pieces of food! After all, you don’t really want to be smiling away with part of dinner in your mouth!

Chewable Toothbrush

The Chewable toothbrush is a genius creation by dentists which both cleans and freshens your breath at once! Simply place the toothbrush in your mouth and chew it like it’s a piece of gum and be prepared for the results – after trying one in the office, we were pretty impressed to see that the remnants of lunch stuck in our mouth were gone and we were left with lovely fresh breath – yay!


Tweezers are perfect for a multitude of things – maybe you’ve noticed a new stubborn hair that’s popped up to say hello that you didn’t notice in the morning on your browns or even more annoying your upper lip or chin! It’s okay, one click pluck and the perpetrator is gone! Tweezers are also ideal for carefully separating any clumpy lashes and removing excess mascara build up.

Clear Nail Varnish

Got a ladder in your tights? If so, no problem! Apply some clear nail varnish to the area as soon as you spot it to prevent it getting bigger. Clear nail varnish is also great if you accidentally chip a nail and can even be used to fix buttons!

Needle and Thread

You just never know if you’re going to need a needle and thread to do a quick sewing job. Maybe a hem has come unstuck slightly on your dress and just needs a bit of extra security for your trip down the aisle. Whatever happens, we think it’s always best to be prepared – just in case!

Compact Mirror

Well, we’re pretty sure that this one’s a given, so we’ll simply use this one as a reminder to you blooming gorgeous brides-to-be! Don’t forget to take a little compact mirror with you!


It’s an emotional day – you’re marrying the partner of your dreams, so it’s only natural that you’ll be weepy and shed some tears throughout the day. It’s totally normal, so just make sure you got a pack of tissues at the ready to absorb those tears!

Make-up wipes

Perfect for any black make-up smudges! A careful wipe with one of these will sort any make up smudges right out! We love the No 7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes from Boots – they’re suitable for all skin types and remove all traces of make-up, including waterproof. These feel lovely and soft against our skin and although they're are a little bit pricier, we think they're worth the price.

Tampons/Sanitary Pads

Well you just never know right? Our cycles can change quite drastically at times so that week you’ve booked for the wedding could very well change. Unless you’re on the pill and you know for sure that aunt flow isn’t going to arrive on the big day then it’s always a good idea to take a couple of precautions with you.


Little cuts on our skin can happen any day, but we certainly don’t want you bleeding on your big day. Red blood on a white dress really is a no go, so make sure you take some with you just in case. Blister plasters are also a brilliant idea for the big day, especially if your heels make those poor footsies sore and form a horrible nasty blister! They’ll help relieve any pain instantly, promotes quick healing and protects against rubbing.

Deodorant + Perfume

Ideal for freshening up those pits! Don’t forget this vital item for your survival kit, as you really will be kicking yourself if you’re feeling sweaty. Also don’t forget to pack your favourite perfume with you on the day to keep you smelling fresh and gorgeous. A few spritzes are perfect to refresh any bride!