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Which type of bride are you?

Which type of bride are you?

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

"One day, Prince Charming will show himself to me on a white horse and declare his love for me- and we will live happily ever after"... Thought of this before? Don't worry, most of us have dreamed of this day as well. As little girls, we pretended to walk down the aisle back forth around the house, sneaking out of mum’s room wearing her high heels which were far too big to even balance in. The dress would often be the white duvet cover or the lace curtain fabric sitting in the back of the linen cupboard. The point is, we can all relate to this one way or another. The wedding is no doubt one of the best moments in a woman’s life and for a bride-to-be, everything leading up to the big day is just as valuable. The shoes, the dress, the venue, the hen party, the bridesmaids, the menu, the flowers, the music- and the list goes on. Every bride is different and each one has a unique way of doing things.

The relaxed bride


If you are the relaxed bride, let me just say congratulations. You have won the award for the most wanted bride to work with. Everybody loves somebody who is calm, cool and collected.

Most likely to: Be flexible to changes and suggestions from others. She is found smiling most of the time and is just happy to spend time with her bridesmaids enjoying the process.

Happiest when: Spending time with her dearest friends and family.

The emotional bride


Get those tissues ready because this bride will need them! You are the more sensitive of the types, and yes you do tend to shed a tear at anything that requires some form of emotional input…or not.

Most likely to:  Go through numerous boxes of tissues during the wedding planning process…and a few more on the actual day.

Happiest when: Her husband to be looks into her eyes and tells her everything will be ok.

The rustic bride


If you are the creative type who likes everything that’s part of the wedding decorations to look homely and country side inspired, then you are the rustic bride-to-be.

Most likely to: Get the most likes on social media for her amazing wedding décor.

Happiest when: Creating amazing props for the wedding.

The foodie bride


It’s really important for you to have an exquisite menu. You know what a good fillet mignon should taste like and you probably chose your wedding date to suit the season for your favourite foods.

Most likely to: Have the most delicious menu in the history of all weddings.

Happiest when: The menu and cake tasting.

 The Posh Bride


Glamour and luxury is the theme of your wedding. You like to have the best of the best and you are all about quality.

Most likely to: Have designer everything, from the wedding dress to the cutlery.

Happiest when: Everything looks perfect.

The traditional bride


You've been planning this moment your whole life and now you are ready to put it into action. You are marrying your childhood best friend, who later on became your childhood sweetheart, lover and now husband to be.

Most likely to: Get married in your city/village you grew up in.

Happiest when: Surrounded by family and friends, and your lover of course for you are inseparable.

The party bride


“We will celebrate all night, drinks lots of champagne and dance till the dawn comes”.  If this sounds like you, then you know you are the party queen.

Most likely to: Get everyone on the dance floor.

Happiest when: Everybody is on the dance floor.

The Bridezilla


Hold on to your hats everybody, because this bride is about to roar. Ok maybe we are exaggerating a little bit, but let’s be honest. Bridezilla’s can be a tad scary.

Most likely to: Make a big fuss about the smallest things.

Happiest when: Everything is done the way she likes it and all attention is on her.

So there you have it ladies, just a few of our favorite types. Which bride are you?


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