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What type of mum have you got?

What type of mum have you got?

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Mums…where would we be without them? Sure, when we were a teenager they’d drive us mad when they’d moan at us to tidy our rooms or screech that we weren’t ‘going out wearing that’, but they’re also the ones who kissed our grazed knees and wiped away our puppy love tears, and for that we’ll be eternally grateful.

As March rolls around once more, we’re faced again with that age old dilemma…what to buy for Mother’s Day. You’ve done the chocolates, are so over the flowers, and need to beat your sibling to the title of ‘best child’, so where do you go from here?

Here at Hen Heaven, we don’t think one gift fits all, so whether your mum’s idea of the perfect weekend is tackling an adventure assault course, or she’s more of a luxe lover, we’ve got the perfect Mother’s day treat.

The Adventure Mum


‘Im not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom’ is definitely your mum’s mantra. Always up for a laugh and full of adventure, a bouquet just won’t cut the mustard.  She’s young at heart; so why not treat your mum to an experience? Bond over a fun burlesque class or chuckle at a hilarious comedy club together- it’s the perfect way to spend a girlie weekend if you don’t get to see each other as often as you’d like.

The Posh Mum

If your mum loves her monthly mani and her pamper time, she’s a glam-ma. She’s used to the luxe life, so make sure she has something as special as she is this mother’s day-we love the idea of an extra special scented candle- the soy wax candles at M Botanicals are a guaranteed winner. It gives her a license to relax and unwind, what’s not to love?

The busy career mum


If your ma is all work and no play, that has to stop on mother’s day! While she’s not rushing to a meeting with her boss or glued to her laptop working overtime, take the opportunity to unwind with her. We love the idea of relaxing and catching up with a delicious afternoon tea. If you really want to go the extra mile adding some champers will get you serious brownie points next time you try and pop home for a cheeky dinner or to use the tumble dryer!

The traditional mum

If she cries every Christmas or birthday when she gets a gift and still has all your first toys and Babygro’s stashed away, you’ve got a traditional mum. She values all the sentimental gifts and is the first to offer a hug or some advice-even now you’re all grown up! She’ll really appreciate anything that she can treasure, so we’d go for a custom made floating locket from It’s a great keepsake, and shows you’ve thought about what she’ll love.

Why not take our mother’s day flow chart below to see what gift best suits your mum? If you want to give your mum a mother’s day she won’t forget, call our party planners to find out about some of our experiences on 01273 225075.