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Where To Have Your Hen? (2017 Edition)

Where To Have Your Hen? (2017 Edition)

A hen party is a big deal nowadays. You want to be able to send off your friend in the best way possible. You want her and the guests all to have fun and sop picking what you want to do. But before all this you have to pick a location, somewhere everyone can get to, find the time to travel and afford. Usually the first question today with cheap flights is do you stay in the UK or travel abroad?

With our insider knowledge, and 14 years of experience we have sent hens to every corner of this fair isle and Europe.  Here we lay out where you should go for your hen in 2017. We have broken it up into European and domestic groups as we want to cater for those who have at least made this decision.



Brighton is one of the best party towns in the UK. Better still it is just a short journey from London meaning any domestic hen party can get there relatively easily. You will be on the beach in no time. Brighton also offers a wide variety of options no mater what you are looking for. Whether you looking for the classic hen experience with clubs, strippers and drinks Brighton has you well covered. The same can be said for those who prefer a more activity driven hen with plenty on offer no matter the taste. We have been proud to call the city home and there is no better place for a Hen company to be based!



The northern powerhouse city of Manchester is a great choice for a hen party in 2017. The city offers a bustling nightlife and can cater for large groups. It rivals London in everything but sheer size. So, this means you can experience everything within easy reach. There is not a tube but there is a metro! The days in Manchester are filled with great activities, adventures and even better food. All at much more reasonable prices than you are used to if you’re from the south. Then at night Manchester offers the famous Northern Quarter and bars galore! All this comes in the super friendly package tat Mancunians are famous for.



Brighton is a great place and very unique but we know it is not everyone’s every cup of tea. If you are looking for a seaside hen party with less dreadlocks and hipsters then Bournemouth is the best option. It is massively popular with our hens and 2017 is no different. Its gold sand beaches definetly differentiate it from most other UK seaside resorts. Bournemouth has thrown off its stereotype of retirees with a young student population and one of the best nightlifes in the UK. There are bars that overlook the water giving you a sunny vibe. There is a reason it is known as the California of the UK. Hens can also enjoy some boutique shops if the weather is not perfect for running your toes through the sand.



Spain may be known for its Siesta and slowed down life due to heat but Benidorm seems to be the exception to this. The town is a high paced location filled to the brim with the lively day and nights you want on a hen holiday. It is also used to holidayers from Brits and Hens alike so there will be no problem for you getting anywhere you want to go. Benidorm is like the best nightout ever in UK in the sun! What a perfect combination.



What is there to say about Barcelona that hasn’t already been said. Well how about that it is a fantastic location for a hen party. Th city is a cultural mecca for Spain with too many things to do and see in only one weekend. But Barcelona offers so much than even culture. The beaches can offer you a different weeken of water, sand and cocktails! Even when the sun goes down on the city it comes alive once again as it is also a hub of nightlife in Spain. With all the Spanish hunks wandering around perhaps you will leave with more than u came with. Thank you Pablo!



By all accounts Tenerife shouldn’t work. It is basically in Africa. It is a volcanic rock with a small population. But all this is actually what makes it so good. Its location on the planet earns they enjoy almost year round sunshine. His means it is a great choice no matter when you choose a time for your hen. The volcanic nature pushes everyone to the coast where watersports is at the top of the menu. The waves and sun are the perfect pace for a hen party wanting to be kissed by the sun and the good life. Then head into to town at night for an action packed night where hens are well catered for!


No matter what you pick we are with you every step of the way. Enjoy the best activities in the best locations through Hen Heaven


Joshua writes with the scent of sea air and unwashed dreadlocks in his nostrils thanks to working from Brighton. He enjoys watching a combination of pretentious films and total trash TV.

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