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Who would you take on your Celebrity Hen Party?

Who would you take on your Celebrity Hen Party?

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One of the main things that can crop up time and time again during office or bar chat is your dream selection of people to take to a certain event. Be it your perfect celebrity dinner party, who you would rather be stranded on a desert island with or you guessed it – who would be attending your star studded hen party?

Over on The Stag Company blog me and Lee have been putting together our own dream guest lists for who we’d like to take on our stag party of all stag parties – but what about you hens? Surely you’ve put some thought into whether or not Amy Childs would mix well with Victoria Beckham or if you would really want to invite Lindsay Lohan because she is, you know… a bit of a wild card.

Now as my name is Richard, you’ve probably guessed I haven’t done the same with planning a hen do, but I have however put together what I think makes the perfectly rounded hen party to maybe inspire you a little bit when putting together your own dream group of girls…

Your BBF: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Image credit / source:  Helga Esteb /

Am I wrong? Am I right? Jennifer Lawrence’s ascendance to superstardom seems like it’s never going to stop and whether she’s giving her Golden Globes acceptance speech or tripping up the stairs at the Oscars, she done it all while being completely genuine and like she would make the perfect BFF… and you never know, she might let you wear a few of her dresses.

The Funny One: Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

Image credit / source:  s_bukley /

Still not so big in the UK but hilariously funny, you’ll want Sarah Silverman to be there to make you all laugh and also throw out some quick-witted replies if things get a little bit catty at the bar with another group of girls, because we all know that sort of thing can happen when some drinks are involved! Be it for the taxi journey or the morning after – it’s always good to have someone that can put a smile on your face.

The Protection: Adele


Image credit / source: DFree /

Adele’s not only one of the world’s biggest selling singers to date, but she also seems like she would be pretty good in an argument if any of those aforementioned bar altercations did arise. She’s apparently used that voice to shout down people in the past, so I’m sure she’d do it again… and then after that you can celebrate by all trying to sing as well as she does.

The Annoyingly Pretty One: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Image credit / source: Featureflash /

Yes she’s sweet, lovely, funny, caring and everything else you would want in a good friend (I think so anyway, I don’t know her personally… unfortunately) but she’s also timelessly good looking which isn’t a bad thing for guys – but it’d be like me taking Brad Pitt out on my stag do… he’d get all the attention and Anne might be the same.

BONUS Attendee – The One that has too much: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Image credit / source:  s_bukley /

I mentioned her earlier and I just couldn’t resist doing it again. A little harsh? I’m sorry Lindsay, but please make this one your last Mojito!

Maybe I’ve got this all wrong but then again I am a man… so if you think you could put together a better team of hens, let us know in the comments below before you build your own party by simply clicking here!



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