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Why you should have a hen weekend

Why you should have a hen weekend

Categories: Hen Party Advice

As someone in the hen party industry I can’t help but notice that there’s been talk of people trying to cut costs by opting not to have a hen weekend. Choosing to put that money towards the wedding itself, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, I can’t help but feel a little sad whenever I hear this. Mainly because having a hen party before the big day is all part of the “getting married” experience. Seriously, I know I’m a bit biased (seeing as I work in the hen party industry but its true.) hen parties have been part of wedding culture for a long time. Besides having a hen weekend doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re still not convinced though then let me list the reasons why you should have a hen party below…

It’s a good chance for you to see all your old friends

If there are some friends you haven’t seen for a long time then a hen weekend is a golden chance for you to meet all your old friends and reconnect. After all, you may have invited old school friends or university friends who you haven’t seen for years. Not having a hen party would mean meeting up with all these individuals on separate occasions (which let’s face it, can be a bit of a hassle) or worse, not having the chance to meet up with them at all (if they can’t come to the wedding.) So you might as well have a hen party. Even if worst case scenario you just have drinks at home and go out for a meal afterwards. A celebration is better than no celebration!

It’s a last hurrah as a “single” lady before you tie the knot

You’re going to be a “Mrs” soon and it’s tradition to have a last hurrah before you do so. Mainly because it means that you’re an adult now, with adult responsibilities. Like developing your couple’s dishwasher Tetris method, and potentially having babies (and paying the inevitable childcare.) You’re about to take on a lot of responsibility and we’re all getting older. It’s a sad fact of life. So I think a last weekend of being silly and acting like a giggly loon is more than acceptable!

It gives you a chance to be surprised

If you’re the bride then not planning the hen do yourself will give you the chance to perhaps try something new. Like an activity that you’ve never done before. I know it doesn’t sound like a major selling point but every once and awhile it’s nice not to be in control and enjoy where the tide takes you. In this case the ride being your friends planning fun things in a bid to spoil you and make you smile. Are you really gonna pass that opportunity up?