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Would you want your child to be a #RKOI?

Would you want your child to be a #RKOI?

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We all do it: have that chat about what we would do if we were to win the lottery, or if we just woke up one day mega-insane rich and what we would spend it on. Life would be great, wouldn’t it? Well for the most part I’m going to say yes, yes it would – but things would change. And if you’ve got/have kids, they would inevitably become ‘rich kids’ – or even worse, a #RKOI…

Okay, now I’ve lost you… “What is an #RKOI?” you ask. Well before you get the dictionary definition, here is a picture that perfectly describes everything an #RKOI embodies. Because everybody knows that a picture tells a thousand words…

Yep, #RKOI means a Rich Kid Of Instagram – a kid that hasn’t done anything to gain their other-worldly amount of money, and due to having places like Instagram at their disposal, they choose to brag about their wealth and fill their streams with pictures of their Balmain jeans and private jets, right from their diamond encrusted smartphones, like some sort of sepia-tinted freeze frame of an episode of Super Sweet 16… just like we do on Instagram with the Old El Paso Fajitas we made for dinner, on our 24-month phone contract that is a royal pain to pay.

There’s quite a difference between that and when I and many of us were kids. Of course it’s all they know and we all want to give our children as much as possible, but to flaunt it like they are? There is an obvious point to be made about teaching these kids that what they have should be appreciated and not taken for granted as not many others do… and just to cement that point, lets swing by the old #RKOI hashtag again to get a greater idea:

Okay, we get the picture… literally. These kids are MINTED and they know it – and they like to put it through a ‘Mayfair’ filter and toy with the tilt shift. A slow clap goes out to them, but the question being asked more and more recently isn’t over them being a new order of spoilt brat and how wrong it is, but instead whether it is safe or not.

Yes, it’s obvious you would want to give your child all of the above if you had the means, but wouldn’t want them to take it for granted and shove it in the faces of everyone else. That’s an easy one… But would you want your child to be a Rich Kid of Instagram or not, because of the risk involved?

Social media is a dodgy one as it is, because posting that picture of your latest outing to Nandos will let people know you’re out of the house so they can rob the hell out of it, but posting regular pictures of all the stuff you own that costs thousands upon thousands of dollars along with using the #RKOI hashtag so EVERYONE and ANYONE can see it opens up a whole new bags of worms – worms ready to steal your Louis belt and drive off in your Vanquish.

This opinion is shared by the parents of these children (who don’t themselves have a hashtag as they’re evidently too busy making the money their kids gleefully spend) with Michael Dell, the owner of Dell with an estimated worth of $15.9 billion, reportedly banning his daughter from Twitter for this very reason. With his daughter essentially posting the constant whereabouts of his family for all to see, culminating in a picture of her high school graduation dinner invitation, complete with all details of the time, date and location: a big no no for a father that spends an average of 2 million a year on security.

Then there is Aleem Iqbal, a famed UK-based rich kid that recently had 4 of his supercars burnt in the same number of days, in an act that may or may not have been linked to him posting shots of them on a for-all-to-see space such as Instagram… but it’s quite a coincidence for that to happen, so as Aleem put it, it was probably a “vile act of jealousy” – an act of jealousy that amounted a bill of around half a million pounds… Ouch.

So with all of the above in mind, what would you do if your child was a rich kid by default, with all of the world’s social media at his or her disposal? Where would you draw the line? And on the other hand, does it make you think differently about what your child posts on social media as it is? They need to be afforded freedom but when it is at a detriment to them or the family, they need to be taught that it CANNOT happen and the reasons why. Education is the best prevention. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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