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Would you wear a coloured wedding dress?

Would you wear a coloured wedding dress?

Categories: Wedding Advice For Women

When it comes to wedding dresses most of the female population will still go for something in the white coloured variety but other than tradition why are people still choosing to wear white? After all, most brides don’t need to wear white to signify their virginity anymore because (and let’s be honest here) most people who get married nowadays aren’t virgins anymore. Plus, white is not the easiest colour to keep clean! All you need is a trip onto some mud, grass, wine, penguin poop (see this video…) The potential stains are numerous.

Besides I think there is something incredibly fun about wearing a coloured wedding dress, it’s modern, fun and unique but if you still need some inspiration then plenty of celebrities have opted to go for a coloured wedding dress. Just take a look at the below celebs…

Dita Von Teese

Perhaps my favourite unconventional wedding dress of all time – this quite frankly stunning Vivienne Westwood corset dress set the fashion world in a frenzy. I mean just look at it! It was purple but not just any purple it was a universe of purple and complimented her individuality perfectly.

Gwen Stefani

Never one to follow fashion Gwen is a style icon by her own making and her wedding was no exception. The fashion designer and lead No Doubt singer choose to wear a Dior by John Galliano dress. From top to bottom it started off white before turning a bright pink and you can't deny how stunning she looks in it!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Another stylish lady who needs to introduction really – SJP would have made her alter ego ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ proud by choosing to wear a black wedding dress instead of the traditional white.  Admittedly she did it to avoid media attention but still we salute her for going for the darkest of all the colours for her big day.

Elizabeth Taylor

O.K. she had eight weddings with eight separate men but we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about the yellow chiffon number she wore when she got married to actor Richard Burton which she paired with a lovely headpiece of flowers. Surprisingly understated and remarkably lovely!

Cynthia Nixon

Another SATC starlet who chose to wear a different colour for her wedding dress. The chosen frock was a stunning light green piece designed by Carolina Herrera. When asked about her decision to go for a coloured gown Cynthia said, “I knew I wanted Carolina Herrera, because I’ve had so much luck wearing them in the past and they know my body so well…. With a same-sex marriage, it’s different. There isn’t the archetype of the demure bride, the strapping groom, and the big ol’ white dress."

Sofia Coppola

The Director, producer and actress wore a short custom-made lavender Azzedine Alaia dress for her big day and didn’t seem at all phased by the fact that she was not in white. In fact she seemed cool, confident and positively radiant as she tied the knot with Thomas Mars. We commend her on her choice of colour too as lavender is normally a colour worn by the bridesmaids but she totally rocked it.